Most stunning nun costumes in 2015!
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nun costumes are becoming increasingly popular among the youth and adults alike, and you see several people donning nun and priest costumes during Halloween. Here are some of the most stunning nun costumes in 2015:

1. Traditional Nun Costume: No Nun costume is seen more than the traditional nun costumer which consists of a nun’s habit, a belt, a ring and a veil. This is one of the most popular costumes that party goers tend to wear in 2015.

2. Sexy/Seductress Nun Costume: This is an extremely popular costume, especially among young adults and adults. Girls like to wear this sexy and revealing nun costume during Halloween parties and it has become quite a fixture.

3. Nun and Priest Couples Costumes: A couple could arrive at a party donning nun and priest couples costumes. These are available almost everywhere and are also regular fixtures at Halloween parties.

4. Cersei and Shaming Nun: This costume has become very popular in 2015 due to the popularity of the show “Game of Thrones.” This involves 2 people where one is the Queen Cersei and the other wears a nun costume and carries the bell like in the TV show.

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